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ReportVIEW Software System

Facilities management coordinates the physical work of employees with the work of industry. Effectively using your space, equipment and employee distribution helps to optimize your facility. Our unique facility maintenance software, ReportVIEW comes complete with an asset management system, data management system, and a space-organizing feature.
Productive facilities use a streamlined system as well as to maintain the buildings and equipment. Therefore, having facility management software that organizes and disseminates the necessary information to integrate wise industry practice can benefit your productivity.

Benefits of Facility Management Software

»Simplifies the work. Once installed, facility processes are presented in a clearer manner.

»Once all the details of the facility are put in then the lead administrator can attach the rules of use, charges for booking facilities and other details can also be connected with the respective facilities.

»Helps organizations manage and reduce energy consumption.

»Facilitates the work of the administrator and also simplifies the process for employees.

»Helps organizations optimize the physical space in their buildings. Provides comprehensive information in real time outlining how each space is used, which assets and personnel are in that space, and how they are arranged.

»Monitors and controls all building assets, where they are located, what sectors they utilize the regularity of use and when they need to be repaired or changed.

»Shares the data, reports, charts, and dashboards as needed.

ReportVIEW Software System

Finding software that fits your facility's needs helps your organization run more smoothly. SystemVIEW offers ReportVIEW - A facility management solution with many functions.
Using our ReportVIEW Facility Management Software System streamlines managing a plant with multiple operations. You can identify, track, locate and analyze all your plant equipment and workspace.
ReportVIEW Facility Management Solution can save an organization’s valuable resources and provide optimum benefits.

What ReportVIEW Offers:

SystemVIEW has put the key features in its ReportVIEW Software System for managing facilities:

»Automated real-time import of data as well as manually collected data in a secure open database using the HDServer

»Time based compression of series processes and historical data ensures highly efficient queries

»Easy to use rapid application development tools create a data dictionary, navigational menus, data inputs, reports, and charts

»The Report Client provides intuitive report templates in a familiar Excel compatible format with quick-links to the secure database

»A Chart Client provides presentation quality 2D and 3D graphics. Chart scrolling control provides an easy way to browse historical data

»A Browse Client provides a simple window to the database values

»Data editing is tracked by a Secure Edit Log

»Access from any online location at any time

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