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Facility Management

SystemVIEW Software: Facilities Automation System

SystemVIEW offers facility management applications to help plan, monitor and manage the property, space and asset management and streamline their field. We specialize in a wide range of applications including Energy Management, HVAC systems, Security Access Controls and facility Maintenance scheduling, Our solution offers innovative solutions cost-effective control and integration designs Web-based facilities through a spectrum of types of facilities including commercial buildings, schools, universities, government facilities and outlets. Whether your needs are basic, or you need a fully integrated solution, we offer the technology and support field team to the business layer.

Using our solutions, you can easily:

» Automate Data Collection

» Automate Facility Performance Management

» Mimic local facilities and supervise multiple facilities from a single location

» Embed alarms with auto-dialling and text messaging for all alarm points

» Integrate Energy Management Performance reports

» Web-based User Interface for remote access

» Integrate optional IP-based security access and video

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