SCADA Software

Our Industries


Innovative systems and software integrate seamlessly to support many different industries. Developing applications for monitoring and controlling facilities can be a challenge because each application has to fit its industry. Most energy companies, including the oil and gas industry, use technology to monitor, control, and organize their facility and production system.

Oil and Gas Industry

The Oil and Gas Industries are increasingly dependent on automated systems. Optimizing your system begins with understanding your data. Our software delivers meaningful context to vast amounts of raw data across your operations. We resolve many concerns of the oil and gas industry, such as measuring safety risks, monitoring each operating environment, managing the workforce, combining data and information, and providing digital security.

Energy and Power Industry

The energy and power industries need powerful applications to collect data and integrate the information in the production process. Our hardware and software monitor energy use, makes whole systems accessible on a computer, and tracks equipment condition. Our applications transmit data to information systems that do the work for you.

Mining & Metals Industry

The mining and metals industries require a combination of technological advances with physical labor to keep processes running smoothly. We provide software that captures the right data and puts into a usable format. We focus on data collection and transmission instead of geographical modeling. We can design an automated system that works for your specific needs.

Alternative Energy Industry

The alternative energy industry involves sustainable, valuable resources. These resources are renewable, and therefore in a higher demand. We work to find you the best hardware, software and equipment solutions for your specific organization. We design automation and control systems that meet your exact needs, whether you need a new software and hardware solution or are integrating into an existing system.

Water & Wastewater Industry

A water treatment facility uses visualization, monitoring, reporting and alarm systems to function smoothly. IntelliSys offers a suite of software products already designed to fit your water or wastewater plant. Power meter monitoring lets you ensure your organization optimizes its energy use.

Aquaculture Industry

Aquaculture refers to the breeding and harvesting of plants and animals in all kinds of aquatic environments such as ponds, rivers, lakes, and ocean. We are working to develop software to help farmers track and monitor their farms’ production. By applying new approaches, based on modern control techniques, you can potentially increase the productivity and profitability of aquaculture systems through resource optimization.

Healthcare Industry

The medical care industry utilizes new technology to streamline healthcare. MSHealth provides integrated electronic medical records and practice management to optimize any health care organization. Health is a complex area that benefits from the use of new information technologies.

Transportation Industry

Transportation industries need software systems for real-time monitoring, facilities and assets monitoring, and equipment functionality monitoring, as well as historical data, clear communication of routes and haul loads, and much more. IntelliSys safely and efficiently integrates transportation systems with complex real world environments.

Building Automation System (AKA Facility Management)

Architectural innovation can be achieved in various ways, but can be made more vibrant by incorporating automation and controls. Building automation solutions provide you with an easy way to navigate and control key parameters within a centralized user interface.