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EnergyVIEW: Smart Energy Metering Solution

An important element of making an industrial organization more efficient is managing energy consumption. A great way to do this is to use smart energy metering. Real-time power measurement monitors the amount of electricity consumed by a residence, business, or an electrical device.
Electricity meters are typically calibrated in billing units. Periodic readings of electric meters measure your energy use, which the electric company then uses for billing. Any company or organization that wants to run their operation more efficiently need accurate data about their energy use. Real-time energy measurement informs companies of their immediate energy consumption.
Smart energy metering and monitoring in real-time is crucial to take control of the three main factors that contribute to energy cost a source of the energy, amount of energy used, and efficiency of your energy use. By installing a power meter for real-time monitoring, any energy product with a measurement interface can be tracked. Energy measurement can also be integrated with existing computer management systems to achieve consistent results. These advanced energy metering practices enable companies and organizations to track their energy consumption at a very precise level throughout their organization.

EnergyVIEW Software and Hardware Solution

EnergyVIEW by SystemVIEW is a software and hardware solution to make your energy use more efficient. It is specifically designed for the water and wastewater industries.
Smart technology uses the newest innovations to measure energy use reliably and efficiently. Having more information about your energy use and how to keep it running efficiently helps you control your facility’s power consumption. Older, traditional energy meters can’t provide the same support. SystemVIEW EnergyVIEW Metering Solution offers all the latest technology needed to monitor energy consumption for the water and wastewater industry.

Advantages of Using SystemVIEW Energy

Smart energy meters have large benefits for industrial plants. Knowing your current energy use and how to best manage it gives you information to make your plant’s energy use more efficient. Power meters report past energy usage and track future usage as well as notifying you of outages and equipment failure. Industries who use power meters are better able to run efficiently and proactively find energy solutions. EnergyVIEW meters offer the following benefits:
» Make you Aware
Energy Monitoring lets you know in real-time how much energy your plant uses. EnergyVIEW gives you the information you need to analyze your energy usage. Then you can take steps to make your energy usage more efficient and reduce energy costs.
» Track Historical Data
The current usage is helpful, but historical data can give you a larger picture of your energy use. Plants usually have peak demand times so tracking these gives a larger picture of when energy use is higher and for how long. Making changes to the plant’s operation can spread out your energy use to make it more consistent which can reduce your energy bill.
» Reduced Energy Theft
Energy theft is a serious problem for many industries. Power metering monitors energy use patterns and changes in those patterns. Our meters give plants the information needed to detect theft and short circuit it.
» Faster Resolution of Problems
Disruptions in industrial processes can increase costs and production time. A smart meter alerts you when there is an outage or technical failure. Identifying the issue immediately means less time without power.
» Personal Energy Resources Monitoring
An additional use of power meters is to measure self-generated electricity. If you generate your own electricity through solar panels or a wind turbine our power meter can measure how much electricity is being generated and how much your facility use.
Seeing the historical and real-time energy consumption data provides the basis to make a decision about how to best manage energy consumption. SystemVIEW EnergyVIEW hardware and software are proven solutions that keep equipment in functioning well and reduce utility bills and energy costs.