SCADA Software


Mining & Metals Industry

Laboratory Analysis:

We demonstrated capabilities in harsh environments, providing real-time information on deviations from the sample, reducing the role and process automation to increase efficiency and enable faster decision-making. Our software system for the mining industry also provides the basis for a solution to complete laboratory automation by integrating with instruments and laboratory systems and business,

Data Management / Lab Automation:

Currently, we are working to create systems infrastructure on a cloud-based scale. This will reduce the total cost of ownership of information management, enable flexible ways to query, browse and organize rich data sets containing structured data and unstructured, and manage database schema and mappings.

Mineral Processing:

No matter where you are, whether in a mining camp or research lab, IntelliSys Software helps experts in mineralogy analysis in a large variety of tests.

Storage and Reporting System:

SystemVIEW Software offers innovative solutions to gather, save and report all mining-related information. Our information system is a set of web-based data and flexible reporting tools that can be used along with any process-oriented production system. SystemVIEW Integrated Plant Management & Control (IPMC) is designed to collect data from any source and provide detailed reports and controlled processes. In particular, the data model has been refined and expanded to cover most types of data, processes and functions found in surface mining and underground. Monitoring includes:
» Production & Production Accounting
» Stocks & Products
» Performance of mobile equipment
» Drilling & blasting
» Efficiency targets & more.

Industrial Data Management and Application Development System

SystemVIEW IPMC Suite a highly scalable visualization solution for the Mining Industry. The rapid application development tool is included in this Suite and by combining with a web-based data analysis system you can combine sophistication with the simplicity of a user-friendly interface for browsing applications. SystemVIEW delivers solutions that help mining Industry to perform safely, proficiently and in an Eco-friendly sensitive situation.