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ReportVIEW Facility Management Solution

ReportVIEW Facility Management Solution

1/21/2022 6:05 PM

Facility Management has progressed being a system purely for registering buildings and asset data, to one that purposes at increasing productivity in the planning and execution of facility processes. INTELLISYS offers ReportVIEW a Facility Management Solution includes the physical work of employees with the work of an industry. Efficiently exhausting your space, equipment and employee sharing helps to improve your facility. Our exclusive facility maintenance software, ReportVIEW comes complete with an asset management system, data management system, and a space-organizing feature.

Always search the software which is best fit for your organization facilities needs and also help your organization run on a smooth track. INTELLISYS ReportVIEW has lot of features that functions according to the needs of your facility. With the use of our ReportVIEW Facility Management Software, you can also manage your plant with several tasks. You can identify, track, detect and examine all your plant equipment and workspaces.

You can also save vital resources of facility through ReportVIEW Facility Management Solution.

Once the ReportVIEW Facility Management System has installed, facility processes are obtainable in right way.

  • Helps organizations to manage and reduce energy consumption.
  • Enables the work of the administrator and also simplifies the procedure for staffs as well.
  • Provides improvement in building for physical spaces. It delivers full information in real time charting how each space is used, which assets are use in that space and how they arranged
  • Control and monitor building assets, where they are situated, what they use, and constancy of use and also when they essential to be restored or changed
  • ¬†ReportVIEW is user-friendly and adoptable