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Why Should Enterprises Use Asset Management Solutions

Why Should Enterprises Use Asset Management Solutions

11/26/2007 2:50 PM

If your company has assets that need to be tracked, maintained, upgraded or used in a specific way, you know that keeping track of those assets can be a job in itself. Asset management systems automate the task of taking care of your assets. This system employs a systematic way to maintain, operate, upgrade and dispose of assets in a very cost effective using a specifically designed application. A good asset management system should organize and store information about your assets, automate your workflow, as well as enhance the safety of and help you to maintain your assets.

The increasing costs and complexity of equipment and assets means that it is critical to organize and store them properly. Having software to input information about what assets you have, where they are stored, and how to access them, streamlines your organization’s processes. Anyone in your organization should be able to quickly look up the location and condition of the assets on site. Having an online application makes it easy to access the information about your assets anywhere you have an internet connection.

Asset management software, such as Intellisys, automates your workflow by reducing inventory checks and physically examining your assets. When you input the assets you are managing, whether it is items in a warehouse or equipment at a worksite, you can also input information about inflow and outflow, necessary regular maintenance, or needed licenses etc… so that the software can alert you to what actions you need to take. The software can be customized to your organization’s needs and the type of assets you are managing.

Another advantage of using software to manage assets is it enhances safety and maintenance. Instead of checking each asset for issues such as regulatory compliance and needed maintenance, the software can alert you to these issues. This helps you to avoid potential fines or breakdowns. Input the needed information about managing and maintaining your assets along with the relevant dates or periods of time so that the software can manage that for you. A secure website and immediate access to the information you need adds value to your asset management system.

Additional advantages included with quality asset management software:

• Enhances safety & reliability of assets

• Provides information for audits

• Enhances planning and scheduling efficiency

• Supports operations in different languages and currencies

• Streamlines communication

Having the right asset management software can make a big difference in managing the assets for your organization. Carefully assess your needs and then research which software will best fit your organization. Intellisys offers a quality asset management application that can enhance your business.